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Manoir du General P, Belgium

Manoir du General P is an abandoned house in Belgium. There is little history that can be found about this place. One room lies in total darkness, and is flooded. The rest of the house was very well-preserved when we visited in spring 2016.

The furniture in the lounge is very grand, all antique wood and leather. A crystal decanter sits on a side table, with very elegant long-stemmed glasses which are brightly coloured. A large blue and white embroidered rug cover the floor in front of a large and ornate dark wood fireplace, complete with engravings. A large heavy wooden table with many chairs, still with table cloth and decorative tableware. A grandfather clock stands in the corner, silent. Framed photographs of the owners can be seen on the wall, and scattered lose prints sit on a footstool. The sun-faded outlines showing the ghosts of old wall-mounted picture frames suggest that a lot of these have been taken from the  dining room, either by the owners or persons unknown

Upstairs are three bedrooms, all individually decorated with bold print wallpaper giving each room its own unique feel. Lamps sit on the bedside tables, and ornaments upon the Art Deco . More framed photos decorate the walls of the largest, master bedroom.

Manoir du General P lies relatively undisturbed, surprising given its proximity to a major road. We couldn’t help but feel that the owners had just stepped out, and perhaps they would return soon. One of my favourite houses visited in early spring 2016, on what was to be the first trip to Belgium of several that year. Another of my personal favourites is the nearby Maison Radio, which is filled with vintage radios and some interesting 1970s furniture and decorations.

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