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Welcome to my Travel Photography Blog!

Catch up with site news, travel diaries, upcoming plans, gear reviews and other featured items. Read stories of my journies and adventures around the world, in search of lost treasures.

Tutorial Noise Reduction Featured Image Before After

Tutorial : Targeted Noise Reduction New Post Icon

A tutorial detailing my method for removing noise from digital photos. This targeted approach retains specific detailed areas, and protects edge sharpness.
Fixing out Of focus Blurry Photographs My 3 step method Featured Image

Tutorial : Fix An Out-Of-Focus Blurry Photo

We have all been there. The most important shot of the trip, is out of focus. This tutorial shows my 3-step method for recovering blurry photos.
Happy 3 Year Anniversary Obsidian Urbex Photography Website Featured Image

Happy 3 Year Website Anniversary!

Yesterday I was informed, by my website, that it was our 3 year anniversary. Here are some highlights from our time together.
Goodbye to 2019 Obsidian Urbex Happy New Year

Goodbye to 2019 – Photo Highlights

2019 has been a great year for exploring! Japan was certainly a highlight. Here I list my favourite moments, along with many behind-the-scenes photos.
Hungary Urbex Tour 2019 Red Ballroom Theatre and Former Cinema Selfie Janine Pendleton

Hungary 2019 – The “Seeing Red” Tour

A visit to Eastern Europe to end 2019! I revisted some amazing locations, as well as exploring several new places. We also found a surprise Soviet Theatre.
The Crown Theatre Eccles 1899 2019 Featured Image

The Crown Theatre, Eccles : 1899 – 2019

The Crown Theatre was engulfed in fierce flames on 1st December 2019. I present brief photographic documentary of the decline of the theatre during 2019.
The Baltics Tour 2019 Karosta Forts In Storm

The Baltics Tour 2019 – Latvia and Lithuania

We visited many Soviet-era relics in Latvia and Lithuania. Forgotten airplanes, rusting buses, crumbling missile bases and Russian army truck graveyards.
Belgium Winter 2019 Urbex Tour Blog Janine Pendleton Photographing Abandoned Red Beetle

Belgium Winter 2019 – The Pre-Brexit Tour

In the winter of 2019 we embarked on a last-minute Belgium trip. We visited abandoned farms/houses, mint condition cars and a "crashed" plane in the woods.
Japan Haikyo Tour 2019 Part 2 Janine Pendleton in Abandoned Japanese School

Japan Haikyo Tour 2019 – Part 2 – Abandoned Schools, Clinics and Transportation

In part two of my Japan Haikyo Tour 2019 blog series we traverse Japan in search of decaying clinics, and old anime-esque wooden schools (and a CatBus!)
Japan Haikyo Tour 2019 Part 1 Abandoned Hotel Bar

Japan Haikyo Tour 2019 – Part 1 – Abandoned Onsens, Love Hotels and Amusement Parks

What is Haikyo? In this first iteration of my multi-part Japan blog series, I discuss some common Japanese ruins; onsens, love hotels, and theme parks.
An Abandoned American Steam Train Bringing the past to life with Photoshop Final Image

An Abandoned American Steam Train – Bringing the past to life with Photoshop

Using a photo of an abandoned steam locomotive, I created a digital art scene of a derelict engine running at full steam against a fantasy Wild West sunset.
Obsidian Urbex Photography Happy Valentines Day Photoshoot

Happy Valentines Day, Urbex style!

A day to express love, in all its forms. Here are some urbex-related date-night suggestions for you
Obsidian Urbex Photography Top 10 Locations of 2018 Featured Image

Top 10 Most Visited Urbex Pages – 2018

Here are a collection of my most popular location galleries, from 2018. How many of these Top 10 have you visited?
Goodbye to 2018 Happy New Year 2019 Geometric Obsidian Urbex Photography Blog

Goodbye to 2018

This year I visited; Eastern Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and USA. This has been a bumper year for globe-trotting! Happy New Year to all! 🙂
Italy Road Urbex Trip 2018 Steampunk Greenhouse Janine Pendleton Jack Alford Jack Massey

Italy Road Trip 2018 – The Greenhouse Tour – Part 2

We had a week and a half to enjoy all the derelict and decaying beauties Italy had to offer. Villas, Manicomio ("madhouses"), churches and industry.
South France Road Urbex Trip 2018 Janine Pendleton at La Serre du Chirurgien

South France Road Trip 2018 – The Greenhouse Tour – Part 1

We visited south France in the summer of 2018. We explored an abandoned greenhouse, an orange tree cloister, abandoned fire engines and some churches.
USA Road Trip 2018 Part 2 Group Selfie in Abandoned Theatre Janine Pendleton Jack Alford

USA Road Trip 2018 – Part 2 – Detroit, New England and New York

This blog post covers our adventures in Detroit, New England and New York on the second part of our 4000-mile East Coast USA road trip in Spring 2018.
USA Road Trip 2018 Part 1 An Old Africa American Funeral Directors Janine Pendleton Jack Alford

USA Road Trip 2018 – Part 1 – Philadelphia to Chicago

This blog post covers our adventures between Philadelphia and Chicago, on the first part of our 4000-mile East Coast USA road trip in Spring 2018.
The Easter GDR Tour 2018 Ballhaus Rot Weiss Germany Preview

Germany April 2018 – The Easter GDR Tour

I visited a wide variety of lost places in East Germany. A decaying hotel, crumbling ballrooms, a dark crematorium and a musty hunter's lodge.
The Easter Chateau Tour 2018 Chapelle des Pelotes France Preview

France/Belgium March 2018 – The Easter Chateau Tour

France is truly the land of beautiful forgotten chateaus, and neglected grand mansions. We decided to take a 6-day road trip to just before Easter 2018.
The Panzer Tour 2017 Janine Pendleton Selfie Lost Panzer Tank Germany

Belgium/Germany December 2017 – The Panzer Tour

We battled snowstorms and icy roads in December 2017. We visited an Italian-style spa, Lost Panzer Tanks and a literal garage full of cars.
Licking a Mig in Bulgaria

Goodbye to 2017

Here are some 2017 highlights for me, along with 9 photos that represent my year. Happy New Year everyone!
Romania December 2017 Casino Stage Ballroom Selfie Janine Pendleton Jack Alford Jack Masey

Romania December 2017 – The Casino Tour

Sometimes you see photos of such an amazing place, you promise yourself one day you are going to visit. We set out on a wintry Romanian road trip, in search of some opulent Art Nouveau architecture.
Forgotten in Time Saal Digital Photo Booklet Front Cover with Dust Jacket

Review : Saal Digital Photo Booklet

I recently heard that Saal Digital were offering photographers a credit voucher towards a Photo Booklet, in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.