Belgium/Luxembourg/France September 2017 – The Kolossal Tour

War Planes Janine Pendleton Jack Alford Jack Massey In Abandoned Airplane Fuselage France
Arriving at Dunkirk at 3am in torrential rain, the first take-home titbit was that I much prefer Calais as the arrival port! Duly noted for future reference.
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Belgium July 2017 – Control Rooms and Churches Tour

Cliffhanger Church selfie by Bastian Ahrens
After a few days exploring the abandoned palaces and crypts of Portugal, I flew straight to Germany to meet a fellow photographer of decay.
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Portugal July 2017 – Palaces and Crypts Tour

SFL College Portugal abandoned school drawers with early morning light featured image
After missing out on a group trip to Italy in June due some very poorly timed work-related travel, it was time embark on some serious summer fun!
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“Links to Friends ❤️” page now live!

Pritzer Fac Belgium Group Photo By Emma Theobald Notwithclaws Photography
The journey to adventure would certainly be a lonely one without friends and comrades.
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Edge of Humanity feature on “Chateau Secession”

Edge of Humanity Feature Article Chateau Secession – The Forgotten 12th Century Mansion
Edge of Humanity have featured my photos from Chateau Secession, France 
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“Behind the Scenes” page now live!

The Irish Centre England Photographing the Ceiling Crop
Curious to see what happens "Behind the Scenes"? Well, wonder no more!
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New lens purchased: Samyang 8mm F3.5 Aspherical IF MC Fisheye

Sony A77ii Samyang 8mm F3.5 Aspherical IF MC Fisheye
Ok, so recently I caved in a forked-out for a fisheye lens. Say hello to my new Samyang 8mm F3.5 Aspherical IF MC Fisheye.
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Edge of Humanity feature on “Dr Anna’s Haus”

Edge of Humanity Feature Dr Annas Haus Photos
Edge of Humanity have featured my photos from Dr Anna's Haus and Surgery, Germany 
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First website updates and optimisation

Website Speed Test Results Cropped
The site has been live a couple of weeks now, and I'm pleased to announce that nothing has fallen apart yet!
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Welcome to Obsidian Urbex Photography

Cemetery of the Skull Belgium Gravestone
Good evening! After a few weeks of development, I think I've done tinkering enough to release this website into the wild!
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