Behind the Scenes

Photographs are only the end results of our journey exploring these forgotten places, here I offer you a glimpse of what happens “behind the scenes”. From searching for locations and the subsequent long and eventful road trips, the path is long and filled with amazing memories with good friends and loved ones. Even when we arrive at the locations, unexpected and often hilarious antics may be involved with getting inside these buildings. Moving around inside these decaying places can be treacherous, and hazardous to both body and equipment are prevalent. My camera fell from a fully extended tripod directly on the lens; a very costly incident!

When it comes to leave, we take our photos and memories of our times together with us and the dust settles once more behind us. Whenever I see the photos I am reminded of how something as innocuous as a crumbling building can take you to far off corners of the world you would never normally even think about.

Credit for photos not taken by myself will be included in the image captions.

Click images to view high-resolution versions.