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Maison Radio, Belgium

Maison Radio is a rather unimpressive semi-detached house when viewed from the road, just a slightly tattered looking house on a very normal looking Belgium street. Inside the house is a bounty of personal belongings, set against brightly coloured 1970s wallpaper and decor. This was clearly the house of an avid radio collector,. Every room has several radios, there is even a stack on the first floor landing. One small side room is packed full of radios, all neatly but compactly arranged on shelves. Every type of radio appears in some form including a rather beautiful jukebox.

Dresses hang still in protective plastic inside wardrobes. Crockery stands neatly stacked inside glass-fronted cupboards. Personal photographs decorate the walls, including faded black and white wedding photos. A pair of vivid blue heeled shoes sit in a dark corner of the room. Maison Radio is a time capsule and treasure trove of details both large and small. A wheelchair stands at the dining room table, thick with dust and ceased from years of disuse. A set of dentures (false teeth) lay on a table next to some thick-lens glasses. A large Jesus statue stands near the fireplace, a common site in these decaying Belgium houses. The hands on this type of statue are removable and were missing, but were soon reunited with the bust after a few minutes playing a bizarre variation on hide-and-seek.

On the same day we visited Manoir du General P, another well-preserved house with many interesting belongings and photographs.

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  1. Amazing location! We visited an abandoned mansion two weeks ago to, was very interesting and offered a lot of nice photography motives, but this one seems to be even more interesting, because there’s still left so much of the interior.

    You urbex-tours seem to be pretty much international, i like that! I live in Germany but visited “lost places” (thats the way they are called in Germany, lol) in the Netherlands and Belgium too. In fact Belgium has a lot of abandoned stuff to offer. Would really like to visit the UK für urbexing, maybe this summer!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words, and being my first blog comment 🙂

      We did a 10 day road trip round Germany/Austria, and 2 trips to Berlin last year. I am terribly behind in my photo editing, but latest photo albums pop up on my Flickr first: and there is quite a bit of Germany coming soon. I should put some on the blog. Germany has some excellent places, I love the Soviet murals in old military buildings.


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