Maison Kirsch Luxembourg abandoned house Featured Image

Maison Kirsch, Luxembourg

Maison Kirsch is an abandoned house and brandy distillery in Luxembourg. The house itself dates back to the 1790s. It is said the owner is still alive, but left the house to decay since the mid-1960s. His family was once very wealthy, and made liqueur/brandy from cherries (likely where the codename for this house was derived). The house was also attached to farm, where bottled fruits and distilling equipment can still be found.

On the ground floor is an old, solid wooden desk with matching bookcase. On the desk is a rather primitive wooden weighing scales, which has a pile of feathers on one side (surely the work of other explorers). There are piles of books and papers on the desk, and an old phone book from 1981. A dark wooden chandelier hangs from the ceiling, suspended in the middle of a decorative ceiling rose. A heavy iron reading lamp sits on the desk.

The master bedroom features several framed images of Jesus, and a cross hung prominently above the large double bed. The bed is still neatly made, sporting a vintage flower-pattern duvet and striped pillow. A beige/pink ladies nightgown hangs off the door, and a parasol/umbrella hangs casually off the bed footboard. This room is packed with small details on the various tables; dusty rosary beads, small medicine bottle, minute prayer books, trinket boxes.

We arrived at Maison Kirsch at the end of a very long drive across Germany, on our way back to England. The group was tired and clearly wanted food and to put some more miles behind us, so we had only a fleeting visit to this forgotten house. This room is very dark in the late afternoon summer light, and was difficult to photograph (many features only becoming apparent after editing the photographs at home).

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