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Hunter’s Hotel (Jägerhotel), Germany

A unique and well-furnish hotel lies abandoned on the fringe of the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) area of Germany. This hotel goes by several names; Hunter’s Hotel, Jägerhotel or Hotel S are other commonly used names.

The building started life as a small forest hut in the mid-1800s. The tiny village has only a few houses, which were originally inhabited by forestry workers. The building was first used first as a bar and later an inn during the late 1800s, when it became popular among walkers and hunters. A small village grew around the inn, which was later re-purposed and expanded into a health spa in the 1930s. This modernisation added baths and elevators, as well as a restaurant famous for serving cuisine typical of this region of the Black Forest. A ski slope was also built nearby at this time, making this area a popular holiday destination during the winter.

The building is very well-preserved, with no signs of decay or vandalism. The large banquet hall is crammed full of antique wood furniture, with taxidermy animals decorating the walls. A distinct “hunter’s cabin” theme dominates the room. The ceiling lights are antlers and there are bold-pattern sofas tucked away in cosy corners which lead off from the main hall. Another large ground floor room features a large imposing cross/crucifix surrounded by a gold-coloured frame. A Gothic pram sits to the side, a sheep skull and top hat on a side table. Upstairs there are several floors of rooms, all uniquely decorated and furnished. All the beds are still neatly made and clean. Most rooms have an antique/vintage radio or gramophone.

Hunter’s Hotel marked the final destination of a long trip around Germany and Austria. This well-preserved hotel was truly a high note on which to end a long and exciting Europe road trip.

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  1. Woww absolutely stunning place, awesome photography, lighting superb. Nice black and white shots and the research into the history made it even more interesting 😄

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