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ET Church, France

This unusual church in France, is a very visually unique place of worship. Given the codename”ET Church” or “E.T Church”, it indeed feels like it is straight out of a sci-fi movie. It features one large room, which rises into a tall and imposing triangular roof. The whole church is concrete with thousands of closely spaced square glass windows in green, blue and purple. Although much of the interior is bare grey concrete, the light streaming through these strongly coloured windows give the inside of the church a green or turquoise colour cast. As the sun moves in an out of the clouds and catches difference areas of glass, the light inside the church constantly shifts and changes subtly.

A brass crucifix stands on the altar, one of the few decorations inside ET Church. The pews and confession box are made of wood, which contrasts brilliantly with the futuristic style of the rest of the church. The spiral staircase at the back features triangular cut-outs with metal crosses. A statue of Mary above a fish-shaped bowl sits in one corner.

Little history can be found about this visually striking church in France. A sombre war memorial stands at the side of the church. Visited on a beautiful summers afternoon in 2016.

This  unusual church is a permission visit only, please contact the key holder if you wish to go inside. They are very friendly and happy to help photographers! We visited ET Church after starting our day at the famous Chateau Secession, which you can view a gallery from here.

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