Sacred House Wales Featured Image

Sacred House, Wales

Sacred House is a small disused Welsh Chapel. From outside it is rather plain-looking, and very “barn-like”. The chapel only has a  couple of houses near it, presumably the rest of the congregation would have travelled from the several small villages and hamlets in the surrounding area. This is a simple and typical example of a  small Welsh Chapel.

A large gold blue and green ceiling rose decorates the ceiling, with smaller versions of this motif in the four corners of the chapel. The upper tier of pews are arranged in a horseshoe-shape facing the altar and organ, as it typical in these Welsh chapels. The pipe organ is behind the pulpit, and is rather plain and has little decoration. A few objects lay on tables in this area, such as a trumpet and bible with text in Welsh. Some of the pews have been removed, and part of the church is used for storage of gardening and decorating equipment. Perhaps there are plans to revive the Sacred House, some day.

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