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Rockstar Mansion, England

Tucked away in the English countryside lies an abandoned Rockstar Mansion. The Tudor-style mansion was built in the late 16th Century for a local Bishop, and has lay abandoned since the mid-2000s when its prestigious owner put it up for sale. The mansion is in very good condition, and many ornaments and pieces of furniture remain. Most rooms hardly look abandoned. The onset of decay is starting to creep across the house in some areas, with peeling wallpaper and cracking paint in some rooms and corridors on the upper floor.

Downstairs there are several reception rooms, each with a stone fireplace. The pool room has brightly painted walls and ceilings, featuring surreal scenes of cartoon mice reminiscent of something out of a children’s picture book. The main entrance hallway features original Tudor oak staircase and wooded panelled walls. The bedrooms all have their own unique theme. One features striking red walls/ceiling, with oriental lamps and headboards. Another is light blue with colour-coordinated lamps and furniture, and several illustrations of plants mounted in frames on the walls. Off to the side of this room is a sitting room, with leather sofas and bright blue floral wallpaper (which is peeling dramatically from the ceiling). A third bedroom features a large painting of Buddha in the Lotus position, the painting is so cleverly shaded as to look like a real statue when viewed from the end of the bed. One bathroom features dramatic black tilling, with turquoise accents and matching 1930s Royal Doulton fixtures.

Walking around the halls, you can only imagine the rock and pop superstars that would have stayed at Rockstar Mansion over the years. It is rare to come across an abandoned house of this quality, which had such a musically influential owner.

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