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Chateau VP, Belgium

Chateau VP is a Belgium castle (or, Kasteel) of significant grandeur. The grounds surrounding Chateau VP encompass nearly 60 hectares (over half a square kilometre), the castle itself being surrounding by an imposing moat. Entry to the castle is via a bridge at the front and rear. There is also a servants walkway and entrance hidden from view below the main entrance bridge. There is also a small dock which enabled goods to be brought directly into the basement kitchen of the Chateau.

As well as a hidden entry bridge, the servants would have also used the separate small spiral staircases to the residents. Residents would have use the grand marble staircase, well-lit by both a skylight and ornate chandelier. The landings leading off from this servants staircase consists of interlocking stone tiles which are cleverly shaded to give an 3D optical illusion of cubes.

Several foyers and rooms lie of the main ground floor corridor, all with marble fireplaces and tall twisted-effect columns drawing the eye to the very high ceilings. Large arched windows and doors give lovely views of the lush grounds outside. On the first floor a large dining or meeting room is furnished with a heavy , dark wooden table and chairs. In this room the high wooden ceiling with its support beams is very impressive.

After we left a gloriously sunny morning at Chateau VP, we ventured on to Town Mansion (and an amazing atmospheric thunder-storm!).

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