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Chateau Secession, France

Chateau Secession is a large abandoned mansion in France. There are records of the chateau dating back to the 12th Century, although any original buildings would have long since been replaced. It has been owned by various Lords and Nobles over the centuries, passing hands between various wealthy families. in the 163o’s the chateau was  looted and damaged by Imperialists. The foundations of the present chateau were laid down in the 1750’s, built from white stone and surrounded by large grounds which are enclosed by a tall and imposing wall. Extensive renovations and alterations were undertaken in the 1850’s; new windows and addition/expansion of a second floor with addition of large skylights. The coat of arms were added externally at this time. During the First World War the chateau was occupied and looted by German troops, despite being quite far away from the front lines. Chateau Secession become abandoned after the Second World War, and was sold in the 1980’s to a lawyer in Paris who still owns the chateau but does not reside there or maintain it.

We visited on a warm summers afternoon, to find half of the chateau has crumbled and collapsed. A lot of items has sadly been stolen before out trip, most notable being that almost all the flags on the wall in the canon room were missing. Chateau Secession was a lot more empty than we had hoped, and we were clearly a few months too late to beat the modern-day looters. The lighting was fantastic on the afternoon of our visit, so not all was disappointment. Many paintings were still present, although most were no longer attached to the walls. A beautiful billiard table sits underneath a dramatic tented ceiling. And old style map of the local area hangs from the wall nearby. Curiously, a large canon leans in the corner of one room. Upon inspection it is fake, simply a tube attached to cart-like wheels. Other features such as the globe and samurai sword, sadly are also cheap modern reproductions.

Later in the afternoon we visited a beautiful futuristic-style church, call ET Church. You can view the gallery of this visually stunning abandoned church here.

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