The Ark Synagogue England Featured Image

The Ark Synagogue, England

The Ark Synagogue was built in the 1930s, in a clearly Art Deco influenced style and is a Grade 2 listed building. This historic building has also been used as a refuge for those made homeless during the Blitz (Second World War). The demise of The Ark Synagogue was likely partly due to the falling Jewish population in the city over the previous century. When the synagogue was closed in the late 2000’s, the congregation was less than 40 and service was only held once per week. There are plans to turn this synagogue into apartments.

Light streams through the numerous windows, giving a bright and inviting feel to this building. The original seating remains, in beautiful dark wood. The ceiling is a large elongated arch, painted blue and with many windows. Side rooms are starting to show damp, decay and peeling paint. It appears someone is staring to remove the parquet flooring, and many of the interesting religious items have now been removed from the side rooms.

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