Little Noisy Army Barracks Hungary Featured Image
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“Little Noisy” Army Barracks, Hungary

“Little Noisy” is an abandoned army barracks in western Hungary. The exterior is very striking. The architecture is reminiscent of a castle. The building features turrets and towers. The walls are dark grey, mimicking the grey moody skies on the day of our visit. The exterior is similar to a classic abandoned location in Belgium, Chateau Miranda, which was also known as Chateau Noisy.

The images conjure up a rural setting, far from civilisation. However, appearances can be misleading. “Little Noisy” is, in fact, situated in the middle of a small town. A huge apartment block stands next to it, and a motorway runs nearby.

History of the abandoned “Little Noisy” Army Barracks

Built by Austro-Hungarian Empire

The monarch of the Austro-Hungarian Empire commissioned this military settlement at the end of the 19th Century . These palatial buildings house artillery units. The site quickly grew and became the largest artillery range in Hungary. Along with the base, a small village grew up around the barracks. This village thrived on trade with the artillery barracks, and the barracks enjoyed goods and produce from the village.

During the First World War the base underwent expansion. The base even had its own currency by this point. A self-contained Prisoner of War (POW) camp was established here. Romanian, Russian and Italian prisoners would be kept here during wartime.

Occupied by Nazi and Soviet armies

At the end of the First World War, the Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed. Subsequently, “Little Noisy” Army Barracks fell into dereliction. The site remained unoccupied for a quarter of a century.

Nazi troops occupied the base during World War Two. After the war ended, the Soviet Army quickly occupied this prize location. The village adapted to the new tenants of “Little Noisy”. The soldiers traded gasoline for Hungarian wine, which they consumed in large quantities. There was also some sale of weapons at this time.

The Soviets remained at the base until the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. It is said they stripped everything of value, before departing. They left a hollow shell behind.


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