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Great Britain typically presents a challenge for exploring, but is always worth the necessary persistence. There are many Victorian and Edwardian-era theatres, mansions and industry which remain. Britain has a wide array of churches; ancient Gothic ruins, simple Welsh chapels and more ornate modern renditions.

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Welsh Bromine Works Wales Featured Image

Welsh Bromine Works, Wales

The Welsh Bromine works is an old industrial ruin in North Wales. It was built in the early 1950s and was closed in the mid-2000s.
Turquoise Organ Chapel Wales Featured Image

Turquoise Organ Chapel, Wales

The Turquoise Organ Chapel is an old religious building in Wales. It is a beautiful example of a Welsh Non-Conformist chapel, complete with ornate organ.
Vanity House England Featured Image

Vanity House, England

Vanity House features a traditional vintage English bedroom. There are numerous retro clocks and pocket watches, as well as a sewing machine.
Agecroft A Primary Substation England Featured Image

Agecroft A Primary Substation, England

Agecroft A Primary Substation was part of a former power station, built in the 1920s. This small room is packed with Art Deco control panels.
Collapsed Hippodrome England Featured Image

Collapsed Hippodrome, England

This Collapsed Hippodrome was once a hive of showbiz talent and entertainment. In 1914 it opened as a theatre. It has been derelict since the late 2000s.
Lister Drive Library Liverpool England Featured Image

Lister Drive Library, England

Lister Drive Library was built in the early 20th Century. It was abandoned in 2006 amid safety concerns. A 12-month renovation project started April 2019.
Crown Theatre England Featured Image

Crown Theatre, England

The Crown Theatre is a collapsing British entertainment venue. Built at the end of the 19th Century, it is an exceptionally dilapidated state of repair.
Glorious Gwen Chapel Wales Featured Image

Glorious Gwen Chapel, Wales

Glorious Gwen Chapel was a former Welsh Methodist Chapel in a small coastal North Wales town. The chapel was built in 1845, and renovated in 2017.
Yellow Pipe Church England UK Featured Image

Yellow Pipe Church, England

The Yellow Pipe Church is an abandoned Roman Catholic Church in England, which has been closed since around 2010. The high alter is gilded with gold.
Camelot Theme Park England UK Featured Image

Camelot Theme Park, England

Camelot Theme Park is an abandoned amusement park in England. The park was themed around medieval knights, dragons and the legend of Camelot.
Supersonic Wind Tunnel England Featured Image

Supersonic Wind Tunnel, England

This Supersonic Wind Tunnel was part of an aircraft research facility. This site was founded in the 1940s and operated until the 1990s.
Rococo Edwardian Theatre England Featured Image

Rococo Edwardian Theatre, England

This brightly-coloured English Rococo Edwardian Theatre is decorated in theatrical Rococo opulence, featuring grotesques and golden gilded lions.
Moseley Road Baths Birmingham England UK Featured Image

Moseley Road Baths, England

Moseley Road Baths is a stunning example of an Edwardian gala swimming pool. This unique building was opened in 1907, and closed in 2003.
Forgotten Model Village Wales Featured Image

Forgotten Model Village, Wales

This Forgotten Model Village was built by a local cabinet maker and his wife, both with a passion for gardening. The attraction re-opened again in 2018.
RAF Stenigot Radar Dishes England Featured Image

RAF Stenigot Radar Dishes, England

These Radar Dishes are the remains of the RAF Stenigot. They were used to detect German Bombers during WW2, and as a relay station during the Cold War.
Archangel Church England UK Featured Image

Archangel Church, England

Archangel Church was built in the 1960s during a period of transition in Catholicism, this is reflected in the church's contemporary architecture and design.
The Uncaring Home England Featured Image

The Uncaring Home, England

The Uncaring Home is an abandoned care home in England. The house now stands empty, slowly succumbing to water ingress and collapse.
Classic Jaguars England Featured Image

Classic Jaguars, England

Hidden in an overgrown English garden are two black Jaguar E-Type, and one striking red Jaguar S-type. All three of these cars are likely 1960's models.
Edwardian Magistrates Court UK England Featured Image

Edwardian Magistrates Court, England

This Edwardian Magistrates Court has been abandoned for around 20 years. It retains many original features and fixtures.
Zoology Department England Featured Image

Zoology Department, England

This abandoned Zoology Department lies on the edges of a busy University campus. These buildings have been derelict since the latter 2000s.
Lotus Hall Cuckoo Hall Wales UK Featured Image

Lotus Hall / Cuckoo Hall, Wales

Lotus Hall (Cuckoo Hall) is a large chateau-style house in Wales. There are 365 windows and 12 entrances, symbolising the days and months of the calendar.
House of God Nightclub UK Featured Image

House of God Nightclub, England

This nightclub was a popular drum n' bass and rave venue in the 1990s and 2000s. The building was formerly a Methodist Central Hall, preaching temperance.
Manor GT England Featured Image

Manor GT, England

Manor GT is a historic building in England. The manor has been neglected since the 1980's. Upstairs is a stunning library, or study, with wooden ceiling.
The Crown Courts England Featured Image

The Crown Courts, England

The Crown Courts are traditional English courtrooms, dating back to the Victorian Era. There areย several courtrooms and holding cells in the basement.