Chernobyl Pripyat Sports Hall and Swimming Pool Featured Image

Pripyat Azure Swimming Pool & Sports Halls

Pripyat Azure Swimming Pool

The Pripyat Azure Swimming Pool, also known as Lazúrnyj, is one of three swimming pools which originally existed in the city of Pripyat. This large pool was opened in 1970, and features a basketball court and sports hall in an adjacent room. This swimming pool was also featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Surprisingly, the Azure Swimming Pool remained in operation long after the 1086 Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. Liquidators and other parties kept the Azure Swimming Pool in operation until 1998, when it was considered to be the cleanest place in the Exclusion Zone. The pool was closed in 1998 after a health inspection.

Palace of Culture Energetik Sports Halls

Several other sports halls remain in Pripyat which were visited on this trip. The first is in the Palace of Culture Energetik, and features a brightly coloured floor with original hockey nets still in their original places. A vaulting box stands on the warped and fractured wooden floor of the sport hall, and original posters still hang on the walls.

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