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Hotel Atlantis, Germany

Hotel Atlantis is an abandoned hotel resort in the German mountains. We visited this location as part of my first big European road trip in 2016.

Early history of Hotel Atlantis

Hotel Atlantis was in the 1920s, in response to the changing fortunes of the town. The region had begun to flourish as tourists flocked to the area. A bustling winter sports industry sprouted up as the German elite took their winter vacations here. Consequently, many hotels sprang up to cater to the rising popularity.

The owners employed well-reputed architects to help envisage their grand plans. The owners wanted to open a cutting-edge luxury hotel complex nestled in the mountains. There would be rooms for around 100 guests within this complex. There would be on-site entertainment, in the form of a music room. In addition to this, the hotel boasted a world-class restaurant and bar.

Post-war changes and decline

World War Two brought with it many changes for this area. The military requisitioned Hotel Atlantis for use as a hospital. The hospital treated hundreds of wounded soldiers during the conflict.

The hotel was occupied by the Soviet army during the post-war period, as the Red Army occupied much of Germany. Initially, they used Hotel Atlantis as a recreation home. A Soviet-German mining company used the buildings as a leisure center and hotel during the 1950s. Firstly only mining employees were catered for here. Subsequently, the restaurant and bar were open to the public, for two hours a day.

This region played host to International skiing competitions. Athletes and coaches were housed here at this time. During the 1960s a new swimming pool was added.

An international company then purchased the hotel shortly after the reunification of Germany. Hotel Atlantis continued to operate until the late 1990s. The hotel has been left to decay ever since.


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