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Cafe ons Moe (Moe’s Tavern), Belgium

Cafe ons Moe is an abandoned pub, bar, cafe or tavern in Belgium. It was most recently owned by an elderly lady who seemingly acquired the cafe sometime in the 1950s, based on the limited amount of information available. It was refurbished at this time, but care was taken to preserve the old-fashioned and homely feel of the cafe interior, which is said to have changed little over the years. In her late 80s she was still running the cafe by herself, with local newspapers proudly reporting that she continues to run the establishment as a “hobby and to keep herself busy”. She died in the mid-2010s and this beautiful little gem became abandoned. A calendar on the wall provides compelling evidence for the year of closure.

Externally this looks like any small Belgian cafe/bar, where locals would come to while away afternoons and evenings among old friends. Upstairs is a small bedroom, with the usual religious statuettes found in Belgian houses belonging to people of this generation. This was truly a small village old-fashioned pub; if you needed to use the bathroom, this would be accessed through the owners own living room! Billiards was a popular game when the cafe was open, and many trophies would have decorated the shelves (sadly, removed before our visit). Many glasses and beer bottles still stand on the bar and on the many small tables. Novelty hats are scattered about the bar, a reminder of the numerous celebrations and parties that would have been held here over the decades. Sadly the ceiling is in a poor state, but someone has taken care enough to lay down tarpaulin on the floor and arrange many buckets in an attempt to contain the numerous leaks.

Someone still clearly cares about Cafe ons Moe.

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