Abandoned Kraftwerk Cyclonkessel Papierfabrik H Germany Powerplant Featured Image

Kraftwerk Cyclonkessel (Papierfabrik), Germany

Kraftwerk Cyclonkessel is a coal power plant in the Black Forest region of Germany. This power plant provided energy to the paper factory on the same site. We didn’t access the paper factory (Papierfabrik H) part of the site due to time constraints.

This site was established in the mid-1880s due to convenient proximity to several factors essential to the paper production industry; water and wood for use in manufacturing, and rail links to enable efficient low-cost transportation. This paper factory was once part of one of the biggest paper manufacturers in Germany. Originally the paper industry in this valley would have supported over 5000 workers. Despite the rising selling price of paper in the mid-1990s, the parent company began to have financial difficulties. The site was sold in the mid-2000s, but was closed a few years after the sale. At this time only around 100 people were still employed here.

The power station features two boiler house, and two turbine rooms. The more modern boiler house features the KSG Steinmuller Cyklonkessel boiler; a “cyclone” mechanism boiler where crushed coal is fed in through a top-load system of buckets and conveyors. The older turbine hall features 1920s or 1930s Siemens and Steinmuller turbines. Due to the condition of the older turbine hall it is likely that these were decommissioned before other parts of the power plant. The newer turbine hall features a large 1950s Siemens turbine, with a compact minimalistic 1970s control room overlooking it. A retro square clock sits above the control panels, long since stopped. Upstairs is also a small laboratory area.

Sadly our time at Kraftwerk Cyclonkessel was limited, but we still spent a couple of hours wondering the boiler houses and turbine halls. It is a shame we did not access the paper factory area of the site, perhaps next time.

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