Blue Power Plant Featured Image

Blue Power Plant, Belgium

Blue Power Plant lies nestled in a largely abandoned industrial area of a formerly prominent steelworks. Many buildings have been demolished, or partially demolished around this site. On the same site is a rather large coke-words with large boiler house which originally were fired by natural gas.

Attached to this, is the turbine hall. Several turbines of various types are scatters about the large main hall, including; Ingersoll Ran, Escher Wyss, Alsthom, ACEC and Oerlik. The big blue Escher Wyss turbine gives this locations its name “Blue Power Plant”. Output wattage of these turbines ranged from 6.5MW to 75MW. The turbines are of various ages, and installed at different times. The Escher Wyss is the largest and most modern, being built in an extension to the original building and featuring its own boiler house separate from the other turbines.

The control room features a large turquoise main console, with many dials and interesting features. This room was the highlight of the trip, having failed to get access to Blue Power Plant on our first attempt several months earlier.

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