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Pritzker Fac (Pritzer Fac), Belgium

Pritzker Fac (sometimes spelt Pritzer Fac) is an abandoned former campus of a prominent University in Belgium. These buildings have a rich history, originally being used for sciences and later electrical engineering and architecture. Several world-renowned experts in their fields were trained here. The buildings themselves date back to the late 1800’s. These buildings have been abandoned for some years, and the old teaching block is suffering from vandalism and water infiltration from damaged roofing. The teaching block is externally the most interesting, being crescent-shaped and decorated with elaborate carvings. The central courtyard originally had trees, but these have sadly now been removed.

Tucked behind an unassuming side door, in a building that is less externally grand, some interesting rooms can still be found. Curiously, these are less damaged. The entrance foyer has nice wooden walls with coat hooks. Two wooden spiral staircases lead up to the upper gallery of the lecture theatre. The theatre still has its wooden benches, many with the scribbled graffiti of decades of students of Pritzker Fac. Another side room features a large impressive staircase leading to a mezzanine floor.

By far the best building, is the library and study rooms. Sadly the books were in the process of being removed at the time of our visit, and were piled up in front of an old fire-place and at the sides of the corridors. The large study room houses a gold coloured ornate chandelier, hanging above a large solid wood table complete with chairs. A portrait still hangs on the wall above the fireplace. The books are mainly electrical engineering books, most of which are certainly rare editions. The walls and ceiling are dark wood with detailed engravings, with contrasting rich dark green inserts.

These rooms have now been cleared of furniture and books, presumably by the university of which Pritzker Fac was originally part of.

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