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Cavern of Lost Souls, Wales

Cavern of Lost Souls is a disused mine in mid-Wales. This was an old slate mine where hundreds of tonnes of slate would have been hauled out and transported by narrow-gauge horse-drawn tramway. When the mining industry began to decline several decades ago, the mine fell silent.

Two large chambers are accessible, one of which is of interest here. This chamber is deeply flooded, with a small opening to the surface. Since the mine closed, locals and the council have used this opening to dump a wide array of unwanted items. Fridges, TVs, microwaves and even whole cars are piled up at one corner of the mine chamber forming a somewhat precarious looking pile. The large cavern is lit by a single ray of light, illuminating the twisted pile of wrecked cars and metal. The water in the cavern is revealed to be striking turquoise-green where the light strikes it, and breathtaking reflections of the cars and cavern walls are cast across the millpond-still water.

After locating the overgrown entrance to the mine, we donned our wellies and waded through the flooded and narrow entrance tunnel. The climb down into the cavern was treacherous, with crumbling rocks and a sheer drop into the blackness below. We entered the Cavern of Lost Souls after so long in darkness, and were greeted by the dimly-lit silhouette of the car graveyard on the other side of the chamber. We powered off our head torches, and stood waiting for our eyes to adjust to the subtle light. The cavern is still and quiet, with only the occasional drip of water disturbing the silence. While I am in no rush to make the perilous climb down again, I am glad to have visited Cavern of Lost Souls.

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