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There are many abandoned churches and schools on the streets of America, mostly hiding in plain sight. There are hospitals with long silent corridors, and theatres falling into disrepair. There are old cars and trams hidden in the forests.

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Veronicas Veil Theatre USA Featured Image

Veronica’s Veil Theatre, USA

Veronicaโ€™s Veil is an abandoned theatre auditorium in American. It hosted one of the longest running Passion of Christ plays, titled Veronicaโ€™s Veil.
Sacred Heart Church USA Featured Image

Sacred Heart Church, USA

The Sacred Heart Church was built in 1971, in Vernon Connecticut. This futuristic-looking "cement tent" was demolished in March 2019.
Blue Church and Parish School USA Featured Image

Blue Church and Parish School, USA

The church was founded by German-Americans in the 19th Century. Although abandoned, it is nearly pristine inside. A schoolhouse was added in the 1920s.
Trade School Auditorium USA Featured Image

Trade School Auditorium, USA

This disused Trade School Auditorium was part of a vocational training centre. The dramatic Art Deco/Classical Revival building closed in the mid-2000s.
Dark Dogma Church USA Featured Image

Dark Dogma Church, USA

This 120-year-old church features imposing Gothic architecture, and an impressive tall vaulted ceiling. It was also used in the cult 1998 movie "Dogma".
Sons of Israel Synagogue USA Featured Image

Sons of Israel Synagogue, USA

The Sons of Israel Synagogue, built in the 1920s, features a multi-coloured stained glass dome. This glorious building has been abandoned for ~5 years.
College Founders Archive USA Featured Image

College Founders Archive, USA

This College Founders Archive houses historically important administration archives of a wealthy French-American. There are countless ledgers and files.
Wooden Rollercoaster USA Featured Image

Wooden Rollercoaster, USA

This vegetation strewn wooden rollercoaster dates back to the 1930s. The amusement park has been closed since the mid-2000s.
Ballroom Svenskar USA Featured Image

Ballroom Svenskar, USA

Ballroom Svenskar was likely a Swedish social venue, with a tall vaulted ceiling. A piano stands upended, leaning against the stage.
Elementary School L USA Featured Image

Elementary School L, USA

Elementary School L was built in the early 1900s, and closed in the mid-2000s. It supported students who did not respond well to traditional schools.
Drive In Movie Theatre USA Featured Image

Drive-In Movie Theatre, USA

This Drive-In Movie Theatre opened in the 1940's, and thrived until the mid-1990's. It is a wonderful example of Americana movie history.
American Football Stadium A USA Featured Image

American Football Stadium, USA

This abandoned American Football Stadium lays crumbling and sun-bleached, it was built in the 1940's. Demolition began shortly after out visit.
Tabernacle Baptist Church USA Featured Image

Tabernacle Baptist Church, USA

Tabernacle Baptist Church was built around 1905 by a once prominent local architect, who was convicted of misdirection of government funds.
Eastern State Penitentiary Pennsylvania USA Featured Image

Eastern State Penitentiary, USA

Eastern State Penitentiary operated between 1829 and 1971. The 15 Cell Blocks fan outwards from the central hexagonal rotunda like the spokes of a wheel.
Blue Boxing Ring USA Featured Image

Blue Boxing Ring, USA

The Blue Boxing Ring was a famous sports venue in the USA. With a flick of the light, switch some of the atmosphere of this spectacular place returns.
Trolley Car Graveyard USA Featured Image

Trolley Car Graveyard, USA

A vintage Trolley Car Graveyard lies hidden in the woods. This rusting collection of treasures from a by-gone age wait patiently for restoration.
Industrial Trade School USA Featured Image

Industrial Trade School, USA

This Industrial Trade School was founded in the early 1900's. School boys learnt manual trade skills, while the girls were taught cooking and sewing.
Two For One Theatre USA Featured Image

Two-For-One Theatre, USA

Two-For-One Theatre is a rare example of a double-decker American theatre; two auditoriums stacked on top of each-other inside a narrow 10 storey building.
Rotunda Town Hall USA Featured Image

Rotunda Town Hall, USA

The Rotunda Town Hall is an old government building built in the 1920s, in a Classical Revival style. It features a domed ceiling, or rotunda.
Sunset American Junkyard USA Featured Image

Sunset American Junkyard, USA

Sunset American Junkyard is a wonderful collection of abandoned classic cars. This collection is the remains of a large junkyard, filled with hundreds of cars ranging from 1950's to 1990's.
Nobility Auditorium USA Featured Image

Nobility Auditorium, USA

Nobility Auditorium lays decaying in the eastern United States. The unassuming exterior goes largely un-noticed, hiding in plain sight.
Mosque Theatre USA Featured Image

Mosque Theatre, USA

Mosque Theatre is a stunning example of Shriner's Temple, built in a lavish Moorish revival architectural style and features an iconic stained glass dome.