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Italy has a seemingly never-ending supply of breathtaking villas and churches to explore. The arcitecture of this country is always a perfect mix of elegance and rustic charm. Italy also has many abandoned asylums, called “manicomio”.

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Dark Music School Collegio S Italy Featured Image

Dark Music School / Collegio S, Italy

Dark Music School (Collegio S) was a Roman Catholic boarding school which became abandoned in the 1980s. There are classrooms, an auditorium and chapel.
Villa del Allenatore Italy Featured Image

Villa del Allenatore, Italy

Villa del Allenatore is an old abandoned Italian house, apparently once the home of a football coach. This football coach trained a local children's team.
Red Cross Hospital Italy Featured Image

Red Cross Hospital, Italy

The Red Cross Hospital is a famous abandoned Italian sanatorium. This site lays atop a remote hill, over 1km above sea level.
Paragon Hotel Italy Featured Image

Paragon Hotel, Italy

The Paragon Hotel is an abandoned five-star hotel in Italy. The location is famous for the grand ballroom, which features stunning white ceiling drapes.
Blue Chapel Italy Featured Image

Blue Chapel / La Chiesa Blu Italy

The Blue Chapel (La Chiesa Blue) is a classic abandoned 19th Century church, in the hilly countryside of Italy. It has been abandoned since the 2000s.
Manicomio di VG Italy Featured Image

Manicomio di VG, Italy

Manicomio di VG is an abandoned and decaying Italian asylum. "The Rotunda of the Furious" housed violent patients. There were several legendary patients.
Villa C Italy Featured Image

Villa C, Italy

The 17th Century Villa C features a grand lavishly decorated entrance hall. There is also a pink spiral staircase, featuring a large shell-like decoration.
Villa Mint Palazzo Mint Italy Featured Image

Villa Mint / Palazzo Mint, Italy

The 18th Century Villa Mint has been home to Italian nobility over the centuries. The bright airy Baroque-style central hall features mint green frescoes.
Alpine Funicular Railway Italy Featured Image

Alpine Funicular Railway, Italy

This well-preserved funicular railway used to ferry tourists from the idyllic lakeshore, up to the top of the mountain. It closed in the late 1970's.
Convento B Italy Featured Image

Convento B, Italy

Convento B is a church, convent and college nestled in the hills above a small Italian township. The convent, church and cloisters date back to the 1600s.
Steampunk Greenhouse Italy Featured Image

Steampunk Greenhouse, Italy

A Steampunk Greenhouse lays nestled in an Italian country park, obscured from casual glances by dense vegetation.
Central Idrolettrica Powerplant V Italy Featured Image

Centrale Idroelettrica / Powerplant V, Italy

Central Idroelettrica is an abandoned hydroelectric power plant in Italy. Water rushes below the crumbling concrete floor, which is nearly 100 years old.
VIlla PDO Villa Zombo Italy Featured Image

Villa PDO / Villa Zombo, Italy

Villa PDO is a relatively modern abandoned Italian Villa. The master bedroom has lavishly painted Romanesque scenes on the walls.
Teatro Balconi Italy Featured Image

Teatro Balconi, Italy

Teatro Balconi features opulent Art Nouveau architecture. The ravages of time have left this cavernous auditorium in an advanced stage of decay.
Manicomio di R Italy Featured Image

Manicomio di R, Italy

Manicomio di R is a former mental aylum, or "madhouse", in Italy. This medical relic closed in 1980's, when attitudes towards mental health care changed.
Villa Scorpio Italy Featured Image

Villa Scorpio Greenhouse, Italy

The star attraction at Villa Scorpio,is the Japanese Greenhouse. There is a large fan-shaped window, and vines creeping in through broken windows.