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Chateau Miranda, Belgium

Chateau Miranda is 19th century neo-Gothic castle in Belgium. It also goes by the names Chateau de Noisy, or Kasteel Miranda. This fairy tale castle stands cloaked in woodland atop a sizeable hill. Building started in 1866, and culminated with the clock tower construction in 1907. Chateau Miranda was used as an orphanage and sickly children holiday camp from 1950, finally closing some time in the 1970s. The Chateau was finally abandoned in 1991, due to mounting running and repair costs.

Brightly coloured ceilings with many arches and columns greet you upon entering the main doorway. A large drained pond sits at the back of the Chateau Miranda. The walls and floors are crumbling, and the upper floors are very treacherous in places.

Years of decay, vandalism and several fires left the Chateau in a sorry state when we visited early 2016. Demolition of the Chateau began in October 2016 with removal of the Gothic roof peaks. Sadly, it seems this majestic fairy tale Chateau Miranda days are numbered.

Nearby is the quaint and character-filled Maison Popeye; a small two bedroom house with the beds still made and several book-stuffed bookcases.

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