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Romania’s Art Nouveau casino is one of the most beautiful abandoned locations in the world. However, the country has a lot more forgotten gems. There are also crumbling synagogues and aged churches.

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The House of M Romania Featured Image

The House of M, Romania

The House of M was a historical academic institution in Romania. It was built in the 1800's and features an eclectic mix of Baroque and Art-Nouveau styles.
Magan David Synagogue Featured Image

Magan David Synagogue, Romania

Magan David Synagogue was built at the start of the 20th Century, in a Moorish style. A carved Star of David defies the surrounding decay.
The Church of The Baron Romania Featured Image

The Church of The Baron, Romania

The Church of The Baron is a small Roman Catholic church in Romanian. The once impressive domed ceiling, is collapsing as the decades pass.
Casino Royale Romania Featured Image

Casino Royale, Romania

The beautiful Casino Royale was built in the early 20th Century. Its dramatic sea-shell shaped window and chandeliers are breathtaking to behold.