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Photographs from abandoned and decayed residential properties. From small Welsh cottages and English manors, crumbling and strewn with cobwebs. Vacant grand French Chateaus and Castles, grandeur in decay. Explore abandoned and forgotten Residential sites all over the world.

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Vanity House England Featured Image

Vanity House, England

Vanity House features a traditional vintage English bedroom. There are numerous retro clocks and pocket watches, as well as a sewing machine.
The President Palace Portugal Featured Image

The President Palace, Portugal

The President Palace is a large and decadently decorated Portuguese mansion. This house is located in picturesque countryside.
Dictatorship Palace Portugal Featured Image

Dictatorship Palace, Portugal

The Dictatorship Palace was built in the late 19th Century. It was once home of a professor of medicine and was then acquired by the state in the 1920s.
Manoir du Philosophe France Featured Image

Manoir du Philosophe, France

Manoir du Philosophe is a relatively simple, traditional French house. There are several hypothesis as to why this house was left abandoned.
Chateau Sarco France Featured Image

Chateau Sarco, France

Chateau Sarco is a relatively modern 1920s French castle. The architecture is a luxurious Louis XIII style and has a marble staircase.
Villa Mistral Belgium Feautured Image

Villa Mistral, Belgium

Villa Mistral is an abandoned house in Belgium with a distinct Provençal style. This late 1990s house is bright and airy, with vivid orange painted walls.
Hunters House Germany Featured Image

Hunter’s House, Germany

This Hunter's House lays hidden at the edges of a German forest. The walls are adorned with taxidermy animals, mainly deer and birds.
Villa del Allenatore Italy Featured Image

Villa del Allenatore, Italy

Villa del Allenatore is an old abandoned Italian house, apparently once the home of a football coach. This football coach trained a local children's team.
Foresters Cabin Germany Featured Image

Forester’s Cabin, Germany

This picturesque abandoned Forester's Cabin lies in the rolling hills of Germany. This simple wood cabin is warping and leaking after years of neglect.
Allo la Boucherie Sanzot Belgium Featured Image

Allo, la Boucherie Sanzot?

Allo, la Boucherie Sanzot? is an abandoned old-fashioned butchers shop and house in Belgium. The shop is beautifully quaint.
The Uncaring Home England Featured Image

The Uncaring Home, England

The Uncaring Home is an abandoned care home in England. The house now stands empty, slowly succumbing to water ingress and collapse.
Lotus Hall Cuckoo Hall Wales UK Featured Image

Lotus Hall / Cuckoo Hall, Wales

Lotus Hall (Cuckoo Hall) is a large chateau-style house in Wales. There are 365 windows and 12 entrances, symbolising the days and months of the calendar.
Villa C Italy Featured Image

Villa C, Italy

The 17th Century Villa C features a grand lavishly decorated entrance hall. There is also a pink spiral staircase, featuring a large shell-like decoration.
Villa Mint Palazzo Mint Italy Featured Image

Villa Mint / Palazzo Mint, Italy

The 18th Century Villa Mint has been home to Italian nobility over the centuries. The bright airy Baroque-style central hall features mint green frescoes.
VIlla PDO Villa Zombo Italy Featured Image

Villa PDO / Villa Zombo, Italy

Villa PDO is a relatively modern abandoned Italian Villa. The master bedroom has lavishly painted Romanesque scenes on the walls.
Villa Scorpio Italy Featured Image

Villa Scorpio Greenhouse, Italy

The star attraction at Villa Scorpio,is the Japanese Greenhouse. There is a large fan-shaped window, and vines creeping in through broken windows.
Manor GT England Featured Image

Manor GT, England

Manor GT is a historic building in England. The manor has been neglected since the 1980's. Upstairs is a stunning library, or study, with wooden ceiling.
Chateau Lumiere France Featured Image

Chateau Lumiere, France

Chateau Lumiere ("Castle of Light") features a stunning skylight which floods the three storey entrance hall with light even on the cloudiest of days.
Maison de Damask France Featured Image

Maison de Damask, France

Maison de Damask has a classic Parisian feel to it, with its nostalgic decor and homely features. It appears to be frozen in time since it was abandoned.
Manoir Colimaçon France Featured Image

Manoir Colimaçon, France

Manoir Colimaçon has a very striking, fairytale or Gothic exterior. The spiral staircase provides a very interesting photography subject.
Villa Germaine Belgium Featured Image

Villa Germaine, Belgium

Villa Germaine is a moderately sized Belgian house. The living room is painted rich emerald green and is connected to the dining room by an archway.
Chateau Banana France Featured Image

Chateau Banana, France

Chateau Banana is an abandoned chateau in France, featuring some very kitschy and eclectic furniture.
Chateau Verdure France Featured Image

Chateau Verdure, France

Lying forgotten in an affluent French suburb, a beautiful piano sits in an alcove beneath a sweeping stone staircase inside Chateau Verdure.
Sunset Fishing Village Hungary Featured Image

Sunset Fishing Village, Hungary

Small huts surround a fishing lake near Sződliget. Inspired by the beauty of this place, I edited the photographs to create a "lost fishing village".