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Fallen idols. Derelict churches with their congregations long since gone. Synagogues of once-thriving Jewish communities. Small chapels in Welsh towns. Chapels of rest. Explore abandoned and forgotten Religious sites all over the world. Photographs of abandoned, derelict and decaying places of worship.

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Turquoise Organ Chapel Wales Featured Image

Turquoise Organ Chapel, Wales

The Turquoise Organ Chapel is an old religious building in Wales. It is a beautiful example of a Welsh Non-Conformist chapel, complete with ornate organ.
Eglise aux Milles Arches Belgium Featured Image

Eglise aux Milles Arches, Belgium

Eglise aux Milles Arches was a neo-Gothic church built in 1876. Due to structural concerns, it was demolished in December 2019.
Chapelle des Pelotes France Featured Image

Chapelle des Pelotes, France

Chapelle des Pelotes is an abandoned chapel in northern France. The chapel features 13th Century inspired Gothic arcitecture. Marble statues flank the nave.
Oval Crypta Portugal Featured Image

Oval Crypta, Portugal

Oval Crypta is a mausoleum in Portugal. The walls are lined with repositories filled with the bones. Theses people were too poor to afford a private plot.
Seminário ST Portugal Featured Image

Seminário ST, Portugal

Seminário ST has lay abandoned for decades. This stunning building was once a seminary; a religious college, preparing students for the priesthood.
Glorious Gwen Chapel Wales Featured Image

Glorious Gwen Chapel, Wales

Glorious Gwen Chapel was a former Welsh Methodist Chapel in a small coastal North Wales town. The chapel was built in 1845, and renovated in 2017.
Yellow Pipe Church England UK Featured Image

Yellow Pipe Church, England

The Yellow Pipe Church is an abandoned Roman Catholic Church in England, which has been closed since around 2010. The high alter is gilded with gold.
Sacred Heart Church USA Featured Image

Sacred Heart Church, USA

The Sacred Heart Church was built in 1971, in Vernon Connecticut. This futuristic-looking "cement tent" was demolished in March 2019.
Blue Chapel Italy Featured Image

Blue Chapel / La Chiesa Blu Italy

The Blue Chapel (La Chiesa Blue) is a classic abandoned 19th Century church, in the hilly countryside of Italy. It has been abandoned since the 2000s.
Blue Church and Parish School USA Featured Image

Blue Church and Parish School, USA

The church was founded by German-Americans in the 19th Century. Although abandoned, it is nearly pristine inside. A schoolhouse was added in the 1920s.
Dark Dogma Church USA Featured Image

Dark Dogma Church, USA

This 120-year-old church features imposing Gothic architecture, and an impressive tall vaulted ceiling. It was also used in the cult 1998 movie "Dogma".
Sons of Israel Synagogue USA Featured Image

Sons of Israel Synagogue, USA

The Sons of Israel Synagogue, built in the 1920s, features a multi-coloured stained glass dome. This glorious building has been abandoned for ~5 years.
Archangel Church England UK Featured Image

Archangel Church, England

Archangel Church was built in the 1960s during a period of transition in Catholicism, this is reflected in the church's contemporary architecture and design.
House of God Nightclub UK Featured Image

House of God Nightclub, England

This nightclub was a popular drum n' bass and rave venue in the 1990s and 2000s. The building was formerly a Methodist Central Hall, preaching temperance.
Convento B Italy Featured Image

Convento B, Italy

Convento B is a church, convent and college nestled in the hills above a small Italian township. The convent, church and cloisters date back to the 1600s.
Tabernacle Baptist Church USA Featured Image

Tabernacle Baptist Church, USA

Tabernacle Baptist Church was built around 1905 by a once prominent local architect, who was convicted of misdirection of government funds.
Mosque Theatre USA Featured Image

Mosque Theatre, USA

Mosque Theatre is a stunning example of Shriner's Temple, built in a lavish Moorish revival architectural style and features an iconic stained glass dome.
Magan David Synagogue Featured Image

Magan David Synagogue, Romania

Magan David Synagogue was built at the start of the 20th Century, in a Moorish style. A carved Star of David defies the surrounding decay.
The Church of The Baron Romania Featured Image

The Church of The Baron, Romania

The Church of The Baron is a small Roman Catholic church in Romanian. The once impressive domed ceiling, is collapsing as the decades pass.
Chapelle Des Mineurs Star Trek Chapel Belgium Featured Image

Chapelle Des Mineurs, Belgium

Chapelle Des Mineurs was built in the mid-1930's and featuring unique Art Deco triangular windows. Photos from 2016 and 2018 show decline into decay.
Red Messiah Austria Featured Image

Red Messiah, Austria

Red Messiah is a disused 18th Century church, tucked away in a secluded mountainous area of Austria. The interior has a very striking Gothic style.
Orange Morgue Germany Featured Image

Orange Morgue, Germany

Orange Morgue is an abandoned mortuary in Germany. Bodies were stored in the basement, and then prepared for final viewings in a room with orange and yellow tiled walls.
School of Malady England abandoned school Featured Image

School of Malady, England

School of Malady is an abandoned school in England. This grand institution features Headmasters Study, Library, swimming pool and chapel.
The Ark Synagogue England Featured Image

The Ark Synagogue, England

The Ark Synagogue is an abandoned 1930s synagogue, art deco in design with parquet flooring. It closed in the 2000s as the Jewish community declined.