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Portugal has spectacular palaces and houses. Most of these are in an advanced state of decay, after long abandonment. There are also some interesting musty old crypts.

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Cemitério Ossuary Portugal Featured Image

Cemitério Ossuary, Portugal

Cemitério Ossuary is an old church and ossuary within a Portuguese cemetery. The church architecture is muted Baroque/Rococo. Human bones litter the floor.
The President Palace Portugal Featured Image

The President Palace, Portugal

The President Palace is a large and decadently decorated Portuguese mansion. This house is located in picturesque countryside.
Cinema Extravaganza Portugal Featured Image

Cinema Extravaganza, Portugal

Cinema Extravaganza is a small Portuguese cinema/theatre, which opened in the 1940s. It has been abandoned for over 15 years.
Oval Crypta Portugal Featured Image

Oval Crypta, Portugal

Oval Crypta is a mausoleum in Portugal. The walls are lined with repositories filled with the bones. Theses people were too poor to afford a private plot.
Hotel El Paraíso Portugal Featured Image

Hotel El Paraíso, Portugal

Hotel El Paraíso is an abandoned hotel in the north of Portugal. This wonderfully rustic hotel has been abandoned since the late 1990s.
Dictatorship Palace Portugal Featured Image

Dictatorship Palace, Portugal

The Dictatorship Palace was built in the late 19th Century. It was once home of a professor of medicine and was then acquired by the state in the 1920s.
Seminário ST Portugal Featured Image

Seminário ST, Portugal

Seminário ST has lay abandoned for decades. This stunning building was once a seminary; a religious college, preparing students for the priesthood.