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Abandoned and decaying places. Unusual, beautiful mysteries. Some locations are different to others, and these locations are not easily placed into other categories. Explore abandoned and forgotten sites all over the world.

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Little Noisy Army Barracks Hungary Featured Image

“Little Noisy” Army Barracks, Hungary

"Little Noisy" is an abandoned army barracks in western Hungary. Artillery units were stationed here. The architecture is reminiscent of a castle.
Fukushima Supermarket Japan Featured Image

Fukushima Supermarket, Japan

This abandoned Fukushima Supermarket stands frozen in time. It was abandoned during the aftermath of the tsunami that struck on 11th March 2011.
Red Star Train Graveyard Hungary Featured Image

Red Star Train Graveyard, Hungary

The Red Star Train Graveyard is a collection of rusting steam engines. This collection of relics spans 140 years of Hungarian Transport history.
Terracotta Army Terrakotta Armee Germany Featured Image

Terracotta Army / Terrakotta Armee, Germany

The Terracotta Army features over 200 figures; including soldiers, generals and horses. These are plaster replicas of the Chinese Terracotta Army.
Cemitério Ossuary Portugal Featured Image

Cemitério Ossuary, Portugal

Cemitério Ossuary is an old church and ossuary within a Portuguese cemetery. The church architecture is muted Baroque/Rococo. Human bones litter the floor.
Oval Crypta Portugal Featured Image

Oval Crypta, Portugal

Oval Crypta is a mausoleum in Portugal. The walls are lined with repositories filled with the bones. Theses people were too poor to afford a private plot.
Caserne Saint Bernard France Featured Image

Caserne Saint Bernard, France

Dusty crimson relics lie inside the unassuming building of Caserne Saint Bernard. This is a "cimetière des camions de pompiers"; a cemetery of fire trucks.
Fukushima Abandoned Cars Japan Featured Image

Fukushima Abandoned Cars, Japan

These abandoned cars have stood on the forecourt of a car dealer since 2011. There are American cars, as well as a traditional Japanese funeral car.
Fukushima Pachinko Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Fukushima Anime Pachinko, Japan

Fukushima Anime Pachinko is an abandoned gaming venue, and was once a hive of activity. Now the lights are dim and the chairs are unoccupied.
Spaceship Ropeway Japan Featured Image

Spaceship Ropeway, Japan

The Spaceship Ropeway is an abandoned cable car station in Japan. This aerial tramway station perches on a valley side, overlooking the river below.
La Serre du Chirurgien France Featured Image

La Serre du Chirurgien, France

La Serre du Chirurgien is a huge and impressive old glasshouse in the south of France. It is more likely a conservatory, rather than a true greenhouse.
Ghost Rider Biker Club Belgium Featured Image

Ghost Rider Biker Club, Belgium

The Ghost Rider Biker Club appears to have been abandoned in the 2010s. The display cabinets are full of motorcycle competition trophies.
Allo la Boucherie Sanzot Belgium Featured Image

Allo, la Boucherie Sanzot?

Allo, la Boucherie Sanzot? is an abandoned old-fashioned butchers shop and house in Belgium. The shop is beautifully quaint.
Laundry Day Belgium Featured Image

Laundry Day, Belgium

Every abandoned place has a story. Some are dramatic or sad, some are dark and mysterious. Some are simple. An abandoned clothes washing line.
Forgotten Model Village Wales Featured Image

Forgotten Model Village, Wales

This Forgotten Model Village was built by a local cabinet maker and his wife, both with a passion for gardening. The attraction re-opened again in 2018.
RAF Stenigot Radar Dishes England Featured Image

RAF Stenigot Radar Dishes, England

These Radar Dishes are the remains of the RAF Stenigot. They were used to detect German Bombers during WW2, and as a relay station during the Cold War.
Classic Jaguars England Featured Image

Classic Jaguars, England

Hidden in an overgrown English garden are two black Jaguar E-Type, and one striking red Jaguar S-type. All three of these cars are likely 1960's models.
Edwardian Magistrates Court UK England Featured Image

Edwardian Magistrates Court, England

This Edwardian Magistrates Court has been abandoned for around 20 years. It retains many original features and fixtures.
Alpine Funicular Railway Italy Featured Image

Alpine Funicular Railway, Italy

This well-preserved funicular railway used to ferry tourists from the idyllic lakeshore, up to the top of the mountain. It closed in the late 1970's.
Steampunk Greenhouse Italy Featured Image

Steampunk Greenhouse, Italy

A Steampunk Greenhouse lays nestled in an Italian country park, obscured from casual glances by dense vegetation.
Tabernacle Baptist Church USA Featured Image

Tabernacle Baptist Church, USA

Tabernacle Baptist Church was built around 1905 by a once prominent local architect, who was convicted of misdirection of government funds.
Eastern State Penitentiary Pennsylvania USA Featured Image

Eastern State Penitentiary, USA

Eastern State Penitentiary operated between 1829 and 1971. The 15 Cell Blocks fan outwards from the central hexagonal rotunda like the spokes of a wheel.
Blue Boxing Ring USA Featured Image

Blue Boxing Ring, USA

The Blue Boxing Ring was a famous sports venue in the USA. With a flick of the light, switch some of the atmosphere of this spectacular place returns.
Trolley Car Graveyard USA Featured Image

Trolley Car Graveyard, USA

A vintage Trolley Car Graveyard lies hidden in the woods. This rusting collection of treasures from a by-gone age wait patiently for restoration.