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Rusted and redundant military hardware. Soviet and Nazi military complexes and murals. Army trucks. Airplanes and Jets. Explore abandoned and forgotten Military sites all over the world. Photographs of abandoned and derelict military installations and bases; Army, Navy, RAF, Communist Moments and Memorials.

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Little Noisy Army Barracks Hungary Featured Image

“Little Noisy” Army Barracks, Hungary

"Little Noisy" is an abandoned army barracks in western Hungary. Artillery units were stationed here. The architecture is reminiscent of a castle.
Nazi Military Barracks Germany Featured Image

Nazi Military Barracks, Germany

This Nazi Military Barracks was built in the 1930s and has been abandoned since the 1990s. There is a mosaic featuring an eagle, iron cross and Swastika.
Supersonic Wind Tunnel England Featured Image

Supersonic Wind Tunnel, England

This Supersonic Wind Tunnel was part of an aircraft research facility. This site was founded in the 1940s and operated until the 1990s.
RAF Stenigot Radar Dishes England Featured Image

RAF Stenigot Radar Dishes, England

These Radar Dishes are the remains of the RAF Stenigot. They were used to detect German Bombers during WW2, and as a relay station during the Cold War.
War Planes France Featured Image

War Planes, France

War Planes are a small collection of ex-military aircraft, laying in a seldom-used corner of a French airfield.
Beelitz Heilstätten Germany Featured Image

Beelitz Heilstätten, Germany

Beelitz Heilstätten was a sanatorium. Patients suffering from lung diseases, recuperated here in the fresh air of the surrounding pine forests.
Soviet Theatre Bulgaria Featured Image

Soviet Theatre, Bulgaria

This abandoned theatre in Bulgaria was used as a cinema and community centre. A piano sits on the stage, and the wooden floor is splintered and rotten.
Forgotten Migs Hungary Revisit Featured Image

Forgotten MiGs, Hungary

Forgotten MiGs are a collection of abandoned MiG-21 and Su-22 aircraft in Hungary. These were formerly part of the Hungarian Airforce (Magyar Légierő).
Soviet Nazi Abandoned CCCP Flight School Germany Featured Image

CCCP Flight School, Germany

CCCP Flight School is an abandoned military airfield and training camp in Germany. It features a well-preserved Soviet mural and a lecture theatre.
Das Olympisches Germany Featured Image

Das Olympisches, Germany

Das Olympisches is an abandoned Olympic village in Germany, It was later used as a Nazi, then a Soviet Military base. It features a large swimming pool.
Haus der Offiziere Germany abandoned Nazi Soviet Featured Image

Haus der Offiziere, Germany

Haus der Offiziere is a former Nazi military base, that later became a Soviet closed military town. It features swimming pool, theatre, murals and carvings.
Prison H11 Featured Image

Prison 11, Belgium

Prison 11 is an old army barracks that has been occupied by Belgian, German and American troops. It features a small prison area with several cells.
Royal Hospital Haslar Featured Image

Royal Hospital H, England

Royal Hospital H is an abandoned Military/Naval Hospital in England. Features include; MRI scanners, laboratory, hydrotherapy room and operating theatre.
Chernobyl Duga 3 Antenna System Featured Image

Duga-3 Antenna System, Chernobyl

Duga-3 was part of the Soviet Union missile warning system during the Cold War. Nicknamed "Russian Woodpecker" due to its tapping noise of its broadcasts.