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Asylums, long corridors with peeling paint and smashed windows. Almost pristine hospitals, with the power still on. Silent long corridors and empty wards. Eerie and grimy morgues, with empty slabs in dark basements. Explore abandoned and forgotten Medical sites all over the world.

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Les Thermes Bleus France Featured Image

Les Thermes Bleus, France

Les Thermes Bleus is a thermal spa complex in France, frozen in time since it was abandoned in the 1980s. The oval bathing pool has beautiful natural decay.
Sky Blue Clinic Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Sky-Blue Clinic, Japan

Sky-Blue Clinic is an abandoned hospital which specialised in obstetrical-gynaecological care. There is a delivery room, incubators and a doctors office.
Red Cross Hospital Italy Featured Image

Red Cross Hospital, Italy

The Red Cross Hospital is a famous abandoned Italian sanatorium. This site lays atop a remote hill, over 1km above sea level.
Manicomio di VG Italy Featured Image

Manicomio di VG, Italy

Manicomio di VG is an abandoned and decaying Italian asylum. "The Rotunda of the Furious" housed violent patients. There were several legendary patients.
Manicomio di R Italy Featured Image

Manicomio di R, Italy

Manicomio di R is a former mental aylum, or "madhouse", in Italy. This medical relic closed in 1980's, when attitudes towards mental health care changed.
Nobility Auditorium USA Featured Image

Nobility Auditorium, USA

Nobility Auditorium lays decaying in the eastern United States. The unassuming exterior goes largely un-noticed, hiding in plain sight.
Beelitz Heilstätten Germany Featured Image

Beelitz Heilstätten, Germany

Beelitz Heilstätten was a sanatorium. Patients suffering from lung diseases, recuperated here in the fresh air of the surrounding pine forests.
Alla Italia Belgium Featured Image

Alla Italia, Belgium

Alla Italia is an abandoned thermal spa in Belgium. The decor is inspired by French Neo-Renaissance and Italian architecture.
Orange Morgue Germany Featured Image

Orange Morgue, Germany

Orange Morgue is an abandoned mortuary in Germany. Bodies were stored in the basement, and then prepared for final viewings in a room with orange and yellow tiled walls.
Red Morgue Hungary Featured Image

Red Morgue, Hungary

Red Morgue is an abandoned morgue/mortuary in Hungary. The slab is red marble, inside a green tiled room with several body fridges in an adjacent corridor.
Hospital and Morgue S England Featured Image

Hospital and Morgue S, England

Hospital and Morgue S was abandoned in the early 2010s. There are 1950s operating theatres, morgue, chapel, grand entrance hall and A&E departments.
Royal Hospital Haslar Featured Image

Royal Hospital H, England

Royal Hospital H is an abandoned Military/Naval Hospital in England. Features include; MRI scanners, laboratory, hydrotherapy room and operating theatre.
Dr Annas Haus Featured Image

Dr Anna’s Haus and Surgery, Germany

Dr Anna's Haus is an abandoned surgery in Germany, with decaying operating rooms and medical equipment. There is a living area upstairs, with a piano.
Chernobyl Pripyat Hospital No 126 Featured Image

Pripyat Hospital No. 126, Chernobyl

Firefighters from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant were taken to Pripyat Hospital No. 126. Baby cots lay empty in an abandoned maternity ward.