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Theme parks with no queues, long closed. Drained and damaged swimming pools. Spas, resorts and hotels way past their prime. Hotels with neatly made beds, waiting for guests that will never come. Theatres, after the final curtain. Explore abandoned and forgotten Leisure and Recreation sites all over the world.

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Blau Kurhaus Blue Health Spa Germany Featured Image

Blau Kurhaus (Blue Health Spa), Germany New Post Icon

Blau Kurhaus is an abandoned spa and leisure complex in Germany. The spa features natural decay, and was abandoned earlier than other areas.
Ballsaal Sandkorn Ballhaus D Germany Featured Image

Ballsaal Sandkorn / Ballhaus D, Germany New Post Icon

Ballsaal Sandkorn (Ballhaus D) was a derelict ballroom in East Germany, built at the dawn of the 20th Century. It was demolished in 2019
Hotel Atlantis Germany Featured Image

Hotel Atlantis, Germany New Post Icon

Hotel Atlantis is an abandoned German hotel resort built in the 1920s. This was once a grand hotel catering to affluent tourists on winter sports holidays.
Fukushima Supermarket Japan Featured Image

Fukushima Supermarket, Japan

This abandoned Fukushima Supermarket stands frozen in time. It was abandoned during the aftermath of the tsunami that struck on 11th March 2011.
Collapsed Hippodrome England Featured Image

Collapsed Hippodrome, England

This Collapsed Hippodrome was once a hive of showbiz talent and entertainment. In 1914 it opened as a theatre. It has been derelict since the late 2000s.
Red Star Train Graveyard Hungary Featured Image

Red Star Train Graveyard, Hungary

The Red Star Train Graveyard is a collection of rusting steam engines. This collection of relics spans 140 years of Hungarian Transport history.
Les Thermes Bleus France Featured Image

Les Thermes Bleus, France

Les Thermes Bleus is a thermal spa complex in France, frozen in time since it was abandoned in the 1980s. The oval bathing pool has beautiful natural decay.
Cinema Extravaganza Portugal Featured Image

Cinema Extravaganza, Portugal

Cinema Extravaganza is a small Portuguese cinema/theatre, which opened in the 1940s. It has been abandoned for over 15 years.
Hotel El Paraíso Portugal Featured Image

Hotel El Paraíso, Portugal

Hotel El Paraíso is an abandoned hotel in the north of Portugal. This wonderfully rustic hotel has been abandoned since the late 1990s.
Fukushima Abandoned Cars Japan Featured Image

Fukushima Abandoned Cars, Japan

These abandoned cars have stood on the forecourt of a car dealer since 2011. There are American cars, as well as a traditional Japanese funeral car.
Spaceship Love Hotel Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Spaceship Love Hotel, Japan

Spaceship Love Hotel is an abandoned hotel/adult entertainment venue in Japan. There are themed rooms; medieval, funfair, airplane, Vegas, Disney etc
Lister Drive Library Liverpool England Featured Image

Lister Drive Library, England

Lister Drive Library was built in the early 20th Century. It was abandoned in 2006 amid safety concerns. A 12-month renovation project started April 2019.
Fukushima Pachinko Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Fukushima Anime Pachinko, Japan

Fukushima Anime Pachinko is an abandoned gaming venue, and was once a hive of activity. Now the lights are dim and the chairs are unoccupied.
Utopia Spa Garden Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Utopia Spa Garden, Japan

The Utopia Spa Garden is an abandoned Japanese hot spring (onsen) resort, built in the 1980s Bubble Economy. It has been closed for two decades.
Kuroshio Inn Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Kuroshio Inn, Japan

Kuroshio Inn is an abandoned and decaying hotel. The lobby features colourful 1970s kitsch decor; yellow and orange lamps, and turquoise leather sofas.
Spaceship Ropeway Japan Featured Image

Spaceship Ropeway, Japan

The Spaceship Ropeway is an abandoned cable car station in Japan. This aerial tramway station perches on a valley side, overlooking the river below.
Onsen Hotel K Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Onsen Hotel K, Japan

Onsen Hotel K is a large hotel and bath house in Japan. The 1940s hotel is built high above the river, perched on a rocky cliff. It closed in the 1990s.
Crown Theatre England Featured Image

Crown Theatre, England

The Crown Theatre is a collapsing British entertainment venue. Built at the end of the 19th Century, it is an exceptionally dilapidated state of repair.
La Serre du Chirurgien France Featured Image

La Serre du Chirurgien, France

La Serre du Chirurgien is a huge and impressive old glasshouse in the south of France. It is more likely a conservatory, rather than a true greenhouse.
Ghost Rider Biker Club Belgium Featured Image

Ghost Rider Biker Club, Belgium

The Ghost Rider Biker Club appears to have been abandoned in the 2010s. The display cabinets are full of motorcycle competition trophies.
Biofuel Farm Belgium Featured Image

Biofuel Farm, Belgium

At Biofuel Farm, the main feature of interest here is an old American-style pick-up truck. A large tree is growing out of the front grill.
Ferme Granada Belgium Featured Image

Ferme Granada, Belgium

Ferme Granada was an abandoned farm in Belgium. A Ford Granada which could be found in the garage-area adjacent to the house.
Paragon Hotel Italy Featured Image

Paragon Hotel, Italy

The Paragon Hotel is an abandoned five-star hotel in Italy. The location is famous for the grand ballroom, which features stunning white ceiling drapes.
Camelot Theme Park England UK Featured Image

Camelot Theme Park, England

Camelot Theme Park is an abandoned amusement park in England. The park was themed around medieval knights, dragons and the legend of Camelot.