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No trip to Hungary would be complete without a visit to an Art Deco power station, or a walk through a field of MiG aircraft.

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Little Noisy Army Barracks Hungary Featured Image

“Little Noisy” Army Barracks, Hungary

"Little Noisy" is an abandoned army barracks in western Hungary. Artillery units were stationed here. The architecture is reminiscent of a castle.
Red Star Train Graveyard Hungary Featured Image

Red Star Train Graveyard, Hungary

The Red Star Train Graveyard is a collection of rusting steam engines. This collection of relics spans 140 years of Hungarian Transport history.
Bladerunner 2049 Power Plant Hungary Featured Image

Bladerunner 2049 Power Plant, Hungary

The immense Bladerunner 2049 Power Plant is located in Hungary. The plant closed 10 years ago, and now it stands decaying and rusting.
Sunset Fishing Village Hungary Featured Image

Sunset Fishing Village, Hungary

Small huts surround a fishing lake near Szล‘dliget. Inspired by the beauty of this place, I edited the photographs to create a "lost fishing village".
Forgotten Migs Hungary Revisit Featured Image

Forgotten MiGs, Hungary

Forgotten MiGs are a collection of abandoned MiG-21 andย Su-22 aircraft in Hungary. These were formerly part of the Hungarian Airforce (Magyar Lรฉgierล‘).
Red Morgue Hungary Featured Image

Red Morgue, Hungary

Red Morgue is an abandoned morgue/mortuary in Hungary. The slab is red marble, inside a green tiled room with several body fridges in an adjacent corridor.
Special K Hungary Featured Image

Special K, Hungary

Special K is an abandoned Art Deco power station control room in Hungary. The oval room features an immense skylight, reminiscent of an all-seeing eye.