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Germany certainly has the most wonderful collections of decaying abandoned ballrooms in Europe. Most of these lie in the East, within the old DDR. There are also military bases, last occupied by the Soviet Army. The varied industrial locations include power plants, coal mines and factories.

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Blau Kurhaus Blue Health Spa Germany Featured Image

Blau Kurhaus (Blue Health Spa), Germany New Post Icon

Blau Kurhaus is an abandoned spa and leisure complex in Germany. The spa features natural decay, and was abandoned earlier than other areas.
Ballsaal Sandkorn Ballhaus D Germany Featured Image

Ballsaal Sandkorn / Ballhaus D, Germany New Post Icon

Ballsaal Sandkorn (Ballhaus D) was a derelict ballroom in East Germany, built at the dawn of the 20th Century. It was demolished in 2019
Hotel Atlantis Germany Featured Image

Hotel Atlantis, Germany New Post Icon

Hotel Atlantis is an abandoned German hotel resort built in the 1920s. This was once a grand hotel catering to affluent tourists on winter sports holidays.
Quake Arena Germany Featured Image

Quake Arena, Germany

The Quake Arena is an impressive warehouse in Germany. The four-storey building has a triangular shape, and an iconic large central atrium with skylight.
Terracotta Army Terrakotta Armee Germany Featured Image

Terracotta Army / Terrakotta Armee, Germany

The Terracotta Army features over 200 figures; including soldiers, generals and horses. These are plaster replicas of the Chinese Terracotta Army.
Industrial Dancefloor Germany Featured Image

Industrial Dancefloor, Germany

Industrial Dance Floor is an abandoned Art Deco power house in Germany. The company originally made bicycles and typewriters. Later, they produced cars.
Nazi Military Barracks Germany Featured Image

Nazi Military Barracks, Germany

This Nazi Military Barracks was built in the 1930s and has been abandoned since the 1990s. There is a mosaic featuring an eagle, iron cross and Swastika.
Textilwerk Turbine Germany Featured Image

Textilwerk Turbine, Germany

Textilwerk Turbine is a former, now abandoned, textile factory in Germany. The powerplant contains a single, cobalt blue turbine.
Hunters House Germany Featured Image

Hunter’s House, Germany

This Hunter's House lays hidden at the edges of a German forest. The walls are adorned with taxidermy animals, mainly deer and birds.
Foresters Cabin Germany Featured Image

Forester’s Cabin, Germany

This picturesque abandoned Forester's Cabin lies in the rolling hills of Germany. This simple wood cabin is warping and leaking after years of neglect.
The Green Mile Germany Featured Image

The Green Mile, Germany

The Green Mile is a disused German prison. It was also used as a Nazi detention and torture centre during the Second World War.
Beelitz Heilstätten Germany Featured Image

Beelitz Heilstätten, Germany

Beelitz Heilstätten was a sanatorium. Patients suffering from lung diseases, recuperated here in the fresh air of the surrounding pine forests.
Orange Morgue Germany Featured Image

Orange Morgue, Germany

Orange Morgue is an abandoned mortuary in Germany. Bodies were stored in the basement, and then prepared for final viewings in a room with orange and yellow tiled walls.
Spreepark Germany Featured Image

Spreepark, Germany

Spreepark is an abandoned theme park in Germany. The most iconic ride is a roller coaster that goes through a tunnel-shaped like a blue roaring cat.
Soviet Nazi Abandoned CCCP Flight School Germany Featured Image

CCCP Flight School, Germany

CCCP Flight School is an abandoned military airfield and training camp in Germany. It features a well-preserved Soviet mural and a lecture theatre.
Das Olympisches Germany Featured Image

Das Olympisches, Germany

Das Olympisches is an abandoned Olympic village in Germany, It was later used as a Nazi, then a Soviet Military base. It features a large swimming pool.
Homepage Featured Image Zeche P Cages

Zeche P, Germany

Zeche P is an abandoned coal mine in Germany. Miners belongings were stored in cages/baskets, called "kaue". Hundreds of cages hang from the ceiling.
Haus der Offiziere Germany abandoned Nazi Soviet Featured Image

Haus der Offiziere, Germany

Haus der Offiziere is a former Nazi military base, that later became a Soviet closed military town. It features swimming pool, theatre, murals and carvings.
Misson 2 Mars Germany Abandoned Greenhouses Featured Image

Misson 2 Mars, Germany

Misson 2 Mars is an abandoned greenhouse in Germany. The greenhouses are dome-shape, made up of hexagonal and pentagonal panes of glass.
Abandoned Kraftwerk Cyclonkessel Papierfabrik H Germany Powerplant Featured Image

Kraftwerk Cyclonkessel (Papierfabrik), Germany

Kraftwerk Cyclonkessel (Papierfabrik H) is an abandoned coal power plant, with attached paper factory in the Black Forest region of Germany.
Hunters Hotel Germany Featured Image

Hunter’s Hotel (Jägerhotel), Germany

Hunter's Hotel as an abandoned health spa in Germany. Bedrooms sit unoccupied with beds neatly made. Taxidermy animals decorate the banquet hall.
Kraftwerk P Germany Featured Image

Kraftwerk P, Germany

Kraftwerk P is a disused coal-fired power station in Germany. Colorful Art Deco control room, pristine black gas turbine and labyrinth boiler house.
Dr Annas Haus Featured Image

Dr Anna’s Haus and Surgery, Germany

Dr Anna's Haus is an abandoned surgery in Germany, with decaying operating rooms and medical equipment. There is a living area upstairs, with a piano.