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The rolling countryside of France is a treasure trove of abandoned chateaus. Most are filled with vintage furniture. France also has many abandoned cars, tucked away in garages or in forests.

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Les Thermes Bleus France Featured Image

Les Thermes Bleus, France

Les Thermes Bleus is a thermal spa complex in France, frozen in time since it was abandoned in the 1980s. The oval bathing pool has beautiful natural decay.
Chapelle des Pelotes France Featured Image

Chapelle des Pelotes, France

Chapelle des Pelotes is an abandoned chapel in northern France. The chapel features 13th Century inspired Gothic arcitecture. Marble statues flank the nave.
Caserne Saint Bernard France Featured Image

Caserne Saint Bernard, France

Dusty crimson relics lie inside the unassuming building of Caserne Saint Bernard. This is a "cimetière des camions de pompiers"; a cemetery of fire trucks.
Manoir du Philosophe France Featured Image

Manoir du Philosophe, France

Manoir du Philosophe is a relatively simple, traditional French house. There are several hypothesis as to why this house was left abandoned.
Chateau Sarco France Featured Image

Chateau Sarco, France

Chateau Sarco is a relatively modern 1920s French castle. The architecture is a luxurious Louis XIII style and has a marble staircase.
La Serre du Chirurgien France Featured Image

La Serre du Chirurgien, France

La Serre du Chirurgien is a huge and impressive old glasshouse in the south of France. It is more likely a conservatory, rather than a true greenhouse.
Cimetière des Légendes France Lost Panhard Featured Image

Cimetière des Légendes / Lost Panhard, France

Behind hedges and overgrowth, lies the Cimetière des Légendes. A collection of 1950s/1960s French cars, rusting and falling apart as decades pass.
Bureau Central France Featured Image

Bureau Central, France

Bureau Central was the main offices for a family run steelworks. The impressive courtyard has an immense glass skylight supported by steel girders.
Chateau Lumiere France Featured Image

Chateau Lumiere, France

Chateau Lumiere ("Castle of Light") features a stunning skylight which floods the three storey entrance hall with light even on the cloudiest of days.
Maison de Damask France Featured Image

Maison de Damask, France

Maison de Damask has a classic Parisian feel to it, with its nostalgic decor and homely features. It appears to be frozen in time since it was abandoned.
Manoir Colimaçon France Featured Image

Manoir Colimaçon, France

Manoir Colimaçon has a very striking, fairytale or Gothic exterior. The spiral staircase provides a very interesting photography subject.
War Planes France Featured Image

War Planes, France

War Planes are a small collection of ex-military aircraft, laying in a seldom-used corner of a French airfield.
Lady in Red Power Plant FranceFeatured Image

Lady in Red Power Plant, France

Lady in Red is a disused French power plant. The control room features two crescent-shaped red control panels, and a red/orange/yellow central console.
Chateau Banana France Featured Image

Chateau Banana, France

Chateau Banana is an abandoned chateau in France, featuring some very kitschy and eclectic furniture.
Chateau Verdure France Featured Image

Chateau Verdure, France

Lying forgotten in an affluent French suburb, a beautiful piano sits in an alcove beneath a sweeping stone staircase inside Chateau Verdure.
Chateau Secession France Featured Image

Chateau Secession, France

Chateau Secession is a French chateau with grand staircases and many paintings. There is a large canon in the main room, and billiard table in a side room.
ET Church France Featured Image

ET Church, France

ET Church is a visually striking church. Resembling something from a sci-fi movie, this futuristic church features ever-changing green/turquoise light.