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Bulgaria is beautiful in the winter. The ground is snow-covered and the sky is blue and clear. There are many Soviet-era relics to be found here. From abandoned mountaintop monuments, to old theaters and twisted airplane wreckages.

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Snowy Lakeside Hotel Bulgaria Featured Image

Snowy Lakeside Hotel, Bulgaria

This interesting hotel overlooks a nearby lake, snow-covered when we visted Bulgaria in the depths of winter. The hotel closed around 2010.
Steampunk Steamroller Bulgaria Featured Image

Steampunk Steamroller, Bulgaria

Tucked away in an unassuming back road of a Bulgarian town, sits a rusting Steampunk Steamroller.
Soviet Theatre Bulgaria Featured Image

Soviet Theatre, Bulgaria

This abandoned theatre in Bulgaria was used as a cinema and community centre. A piano sits on the stage, and the wooden floor is splintered and rotten.
Buzludzha Bulgaria Featured Image

Buzludzha, Bulgaria

Buzludzha is a Communist monument, high in the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria. It was built between 1974 and 1981.