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Belgium appears to be home to the most abandoned locations in the world. The cities and villages yield and a seemingly endless array of houses, chateaus, factories and churches. For every classic location that is destroyed, another ten seem to replace it.

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Eglise aux Milles Arches Belgium Featured Image

Eglise aux Milles Arches, Belgium

Eglise aux Milles Arches was a neo-Gothic church built in 1876. Due to structural concerns, it was demolished in December 2019.
Villa Mistral Belgium Feautured Image

Villa Mistral, Belgium

Villa Mistral is an abandoned house in Belgium with a distinct Provençal style. This late 1990s house is bright and airy, with vivid orange painted walls.
Ghost Rider Biker Club Belgium Featured Image

Ghost Rider Biker Club, Belgium

The Ghost Rider Biker Club appears to have been abandoned in the 2010s. The display cabinets are full of motorcycle competition trophies.
Biofuel Farm Belgium Featured Image

Biofuel Farm, Belgium

At Biofuel Farm, the main feature of interest here is an old American-style pick-up truck. A large tree is growing out of the front grill.
Allo la Boucherie Sanzot Belgium Featured Image

Allo, la Boucherie Sanzot?

Allo, la Boucherie Sanzot? is an abandoned old-fashioned butchers shop and house in Belgium. The shop is beautifully quaint.
Ferme Granada Belgium Featured Image

Ferme Granada, Belgium

Ferme Granada was an abandoned farm in Belgium. A Ford Granada which could be found in the garage-area adjacent to the house.
Laundry Day Belgium Featured Image

Laundry Day, Belgium

Every abandoned place has a story. Some are dramatic or sad, some are dark and mysterious. Some are simple. An abandoned clothes washing line.
Lost Coffins Coffin Factory Belgium Featured Image

Lost Coffins (Coffin Factory), Belgium

Lost Coffins, is also known as Coffin Factory. These old wicker coffins hide inside an abandoned furniture warehouse in Belgium.
Oldtimer Barn Old Iron 5 Belgium Featured Image

OldTimer Barn (Old Iron 5), Belgium

Oldtimer Barn (or Old Iron 5) are two disused classic cars. They are a futuristic 1970s Citreon DS-21 and a blue Ford Consul from the 1950s.
Steampunk Commander Belgium Featured Image

Steampunk Commander, Belgium

Steampunk Commander is a vintage powerplant control room in Belgium. The Art Deco control room walls are lined with blue control panels, and many dials.
Cemetery Of The Skull Belgium Featured Image

Cemetery of the Skull, Belgium

The Cemetery of the Skull. The mouth is grotesquely agape in a centuries-long silent scream, resting on a pillow of crossed femur bones.
Lost Vegas Arcade Belgium Featured Image

Lost Vegas Arcade, Belgium

Lost Vegas Arcade is a large collection of video game arcade cabinets and gambling machines. There are slot machines and video game cabinets.
Expédition Antarctique 1966 Belgium Sno Cats Featured Image

Expédition Antarctique 1966, Belgium

Expédition Antarctique 1966 are a collection of snowmobiles that were used in 3rd Belgo-Dutch scientific expedition to Antarctica in 1966.
Chapelle Des Mineurs Star Trek Chapel Belgium Featured Image

Chapelle Des Mineurs, Belgium

Chapelle Des Mineurs was built in the mid-1930's and featuring unique Art Deco triangular windows. Photos from 2016 and 2018 show decline into decay.
Radio Marie José Belgium Featured Image

Radio Marie-José, Belgium

Red Messiah is a disused 18th Century church, tucked away in a secluded mountainous area of Austria. The interior has a very striking Gothic style.
Villa Germaine Belgium Featured Image

Villa Germaine, Belgium

Villa Germaine is a moderately sized Belgian house. The living room is painted rich emerald green and is connected to the dining room by an archway.
HFB Blast Furnace Belgium Featured Image

HFB Blast Furnace, Belgium

HFB is a former iron and steel works in Belgium. This central piece of this rusting labyrinth of twisted metal is Blast Furnace No 6.
Alla Italia Belgium Featured Image

Alla Italia, Belgium

Alla Italia is an abandoned thermal spa in Belgium. The decor is inspired by French Neo-Renaissance and Italian architecture.
Lignum Beetleum Lost in the Woods 6 Belgium Featured Image

Lignum Beetleum / Lost in the Woods 6, Belgium

Lignum Beetleum is a neglected blue Volkswagen Beetle in a small wooded area in Belgium. A  tree has grown up through the passenger side of the car.
Chateau Rolls Royce Belgium Featured Image

Chateau Rolls Royce, Belgium

Chateau Rolls Royce is an abandoned Belgian 18th century chateau, with a spectacularly overgrown greenhouse and orangery (orangerie).
Cafe ons Moe Belgium Abandoned Pub Bar Room Featured Image

Cafe ons Moe (Moe’s Tavern), Belgium

Cafe ons Moe is a small old-fashioned bar in Belgium. Abandoned in 2014, the bar appears to be frozen in time at the moment of "last orders" many years ago.
Maison Jenny Belgium Featured Image

Maison Jenny, Belgium

Maison Jenny is an abandoned house that was once owned by a trophy winning Belgian pigeon racer. Antiques racing clocks and paintings decorate the rooms.
Town Mansion Featured Image

Town Mansion, Belgium

Town Mansion is an abandoned Belgium mansion with beautiful woodwork and carvings. It is filled with stuffed animals, antiques, curios and nick-knacks.
Prison H11 Featured Image

Prison 11, Belgium

Prison 11 is an old army barracks that has been occupied by Belgian, German and American troops. It features a small prison area with several cells.