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The mountains and cities of Austria hide some interesting abandoned locations. There are hotels with panoramic views, as well as ancient Gothic churches.

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Hotel Silver Swan Austria Feature Image

Hotel Silver Swan, Austria

Hotel Silver Swan is an abandoned hotel in the Austrian Alps. The banquet hall has an exquisite carved wooden ceiling band central chandelier.
Red Messiah Austria Featured Image

Red Messiah, Austria

Red Messiah is a disused 18th Century church, tucked away in a secluded mountainous area of Austria. The interior has a very striking Gothic style.
Blue Sand Room Austria Featured Image

Blue Sand Room, Austria

Blue Sand Room is a brightly painted sand-filled room in an abandoned Austrian house. Furniture is scattered around. It is possibly an art installation.
K and K Austria Featured Image

K & K, Austria

K & K is an abandoned telegraph and telephone exchange in Austria. Wrought-iron staircases with marble columns.