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Location Gallery

Welcome to my Location Gallery. Browse histories and articles, complete with beautiful photographs of these lost and decaying treasures. Walk the halls of abandoned asylums, peek inside abandoned chateaus and hide from security at derelict theme parks. I also have a Travel Blog of my adventures abroad, as well as a Behind-The-Scenes photo gallery.

Hotel El Paraíso Portugal Featured Image

Hotel El Paraíso, Portugal

Hotel El Paraíso is an abandoned hotel in the north of Portugal. This wonderfully rustic hotel has been abandoned since the late 1990s.
Dictatorship Palace Portugal Featured Image

Dictatorship Palace, Portugal

The Dictatorship Palace was built in the late 19th Century. It was once home of a professor of medicine and was then acquired by the state in the 1920s.
Seminário ST Portugal Featured Image

Seminário ST, Portugal

Seminário ST has lay abandoned for decades. This stunning building was once a seminary; a religious college, preparing students for the priesthood.
Caserne Saint Bernard France Featured Image

Caserne Saint Bernard, France

Dusty crimson relics lie inside the unassuming building of Caserne Saint Bernard. This is a "cimetière des camions de pompiers"; a cemetery of fire trucks.
Textilwerk Turbine Germany Featured Image

Textilwerk Turbine, Germany

Textilwerk Turbine is a former, now abandoned, textile factory in Germany. The powerplant contains a single, cobalt blue turbine.
Manoir du Philosophe France Featured Image

Manoir du Philosophe, France

Manoir du Philosophe is a relatively simple, traditional French house. There are several hypothesis as to why this house was left abandoned.
Fukushima Abandoned Cars Japan Featured Image

Fukushima Abandoned Cars, Japan

These abandoned cars have stood on the forecourt of a car dealer since 2011. There are American cars, as well as a traditional Japanese funeral car.
Chateau Sarco France Featured Image

Chateau Sarco, France

Chateau Sarco is a relatively modern 1920s French castle. The architecture is a luxurious Louis XIII style and has a marble staircase.
Villa Mistral Belgium Feautured Image

Villa Mistral, Belgium

Villa Mistral is an abandoned house in Belgium with a distinct Provençal style. This late 1990s house is bright and airy, with vivid orange painted walls.
Spaceship Love Hotel Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Spaceship Love Hotel, Japan

Spaceship Love Hotel is an abandoned hotel/adult entertainment venue in Japan. There are themed rooms; medieval, funfair, airplane, Vegas, Disney etc
Lister Drive Library Liverpool England Featured Image

Lister Drive Library, England

Lister Drive Library was built in the early 20th Century. It was abandoned in 2006 amid safety concerns. A 12-month renovation project started April 2019.
Sky Blue Clinic Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Sky-Blue Clinic, Japan

Sky-Blue Clinic is an abandoned hospital which specialised in obstetrical-gynaecological care. There is a delivery room, incubators and a doctors office.
Wakayama Hydro Power Plant Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Wagakawa Hydro Power Plant, Japan

Wagakawa Hydro Power Plant is a perfect juxtaposition of beauty and decay. It was abandoned in the 1960s, and is slowly being swallowed by the forest.
Fukushima Pachinko Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Fukushima Anime Pachinko, Japan

Fukushima Anime Pachinko is an abandoned gaming venue, and was once a hive of activity. Now the lights are dim and the chairs are unoccupied.
Utopia Spa Garden Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Utopia Spa Garden, Japan

The Utopia Spa Garden is an abandoned Japanese hot spring (onsen) resort, built in the 1980s Bubble Economy. It has been closed for two decades.
Kuroshio Inn Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Kuroshio Inn, Japan

Kuroshio Inn is an abandoned and decaying hotel. The lobby features colourful 1970s kitsch decor; yellow and orange lamps, and turquoise leather sofas.
Spaceship Ropeway Japan Featured Image

Spaceship Ropeway, Japan

The Spaceship Ropeway is an abandoned cable car station in Japan. This aerial tramway station perches on a valley side, overlooking the river below.
Paper Industry O Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Paper Industry O, Japan

Paper Industry O is a former paper manufacturer in Japan. The factory closed some time ago, judging by the state of the buildings and overgrowth.
Shizuoka Mountain School Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Shizuoka Mountain School, Japan

Shizuoka Mountain School is a traditional-style Japanese elementary school hidden in the mountains. The school has been abandoned since the 1990s.
Onsen Hotel K Japan Haikyo Featured Image

Onsen Hotel K, Japan

Onsen Hotel K is a large hotel and bath house in Japan. The 1940s hotel is built high above the river, perched on a rocky cliff. It closed in the 1990s.
Crown Theatre England Featured Image

Crown Theatre, England

The Crown Theatre is a collapsing British entertainment venue. Built at the end of the 19th Century, it is an exceptionally dilapidated state of repair.
La Serre du Chirurgien France Featured Image

La Serre du Chirurgien, France

La Serre du Chirurgien is a huge and impressive old glasshouse in the south of France. It is more likely a conservatory, rather than a true greenhouse.
Ghost Rider Biker Club Belgium Featured Image

Ghost Rider Biker Club, Belgium

The Ghost Rider Biker Club appears to have been abandoned in the 2010s. The display cabinets are full of motorcycle competition trophies.
Hunters House Germany Featured Image

Hunter’s House, Germany

This Hunter's House lays hidden at the edges of a German forest. The walls are adorned with taxidermy animals, mainly deer and birds.

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